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When you purchase one of our products through AmazonSmile, 5% of your total costs is automatically donated to a charitable organization of your choosing!

As part of our philanthropic mission, we aim to serve our communities and people in need, by providing tools and services that aim to improve quality of life. Purchasing our products through AmazonSmile, our customers collaborate in these endeavors, and afford us the ability to expand our efforts and extend our reach.

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Our engineers and designers are constantly at work to discover how products can be better. Our outsourcing team ventures around the world to find sustainable, eco-friendly options and ways to make products from the best possible materials. We aim to provide high-quality products for your home and offer our customers the lowest price possible.

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Founded in 2019 specializing in research and development for a variety
of consumer products. Our mission is to provide the best products, from
design to functionality, to your home.

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